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FROST allows you to create and export two different types of files, including EDUPUB for Education or an online course. No matter which option you choose, FROST’s user interface was designed to promote efficiency and creativity. You can easily use the drag-and-drop workspace to build new content from scratch or repurpose and expand legacy content by importing EDUPUB/EPUB3 packages.

Creating a New Project From Scratch

If you are tasked with developing learning content or courses entirely from scratch, FROST’s built-in structuring tools will help you get started. Using a default structure, FROST guides you through creating the following elements, which are designed per the current EDUPUB standards:

  • Frontmatter Pages – Series, Title, and Copyright pages
  • Bodymatter Pages – Part and Chapter pages
  • Backmatter Pages – Appendix, Credits, Index, and Bibliography pages

Once these are setup, you can use FROST’s drag-and-drop workspace to easily add and assemble patterns including text, blocks, figures, interactives and more. You can also collaborate with colleagues to edit and review content.

Save Time By Importing Files

Do you have legacy content you’d like to utilize or enhance? You can easily repurpose existing content by importing EDUPUB files and course packages into FROST.

To import content, simply drag and drop an EDUPUB package into the content uploader. The upload process will automatically begin. Once all of your assets have been imported, you can edit and update as needed, tag with metadata, then easily store for reuse or export as an EDUPUB file.