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Developing content for today’s learners requires educators to be nimble and quick. Sometimes that means repurposing and adapting legacy content to meet your instructional needs. Other times, you are starting from scratch.

With easy-to-use tools and functionality, FROST allows you to approach content development your way. You can create, modify, introduce, repurpose, tag, manage and store—all in one place. Here’s how.

Building Content from Scratch

Frost’s drag-and-drop workspace creates an easy-to-use, fun environment to develop new digital learning content. You can:

  • Assemble patterns
  • Add text, images and videos
  • Insert widgets & assessments
  • Instantly preview

Importing & Modifying Legacy Content

You can also use FROST to import EDUPUB/EPUB3 packages and modify or expand them for a new purpose. You can:

  • Update content
  • Resolve any issues
  • Store updated files for reuse
  • You can even create brand new metadata!

The “Ins” & “Outs”

FROST allows you to easily import and publish the following file types:

  • Custom formats
  • EPUB3
  • HTML5 or packaged content
  • IMS Common Cartridge