Her potential is boundless,
your content should be too.

Frost LOR is the place where you store, tag, and call all of your content learning objects, regardless of the LMS delivery platform.

Reuse Learning Objects

The fastest way to increase the ROI of your content is to ensure your learning objects are modular and reusable. The LOR gives authors a full set of tools to curate and reuse existing content. Apply metadata to your learning objects so they stay organized and are always at your fingertips.

Be Nimble

Throwing all your eggs into a single LMS “basket” is a great way to grind to a halt your entire learning content machine. Using content from one LMS and importing to another is costly and time-consuming, leaving you locked into a singular education technology stack. With LOR, you can remove your learning objects from the LMS, and have them “live” separately, enabling your to exercise tremendous flexibility and control over your content and its delivery.

Transform the Way Your Course Designers Work

When your instructional designers spend most of their days updating content, fixing broken links, and performing menial tasks across multiple delivery platforms, the student suffers, as well as your ROI. The Frost LOR frees up designers to focus on what matters: designing and testing learning experiences that increase engagement and induce a state of flow within the students.

Be done with:

Costly LMS transfers

Confusing and inefficient stakeholder management workflows

Outdated content that is no longer relevant.

Inefficient and low ROI of your content

Learning Object Repository (LOR)


With the Frost Learning Repository all your content can map to your learning outcomes and competencies. It’s easy to find, sequence and deploy individual and group experiences in many different contexts. Manage your content across all of your delivery channels – all in one place. Frost LOR allows you to easily break down content into small learning objects while tagging with rich metadata and aligning to taxonomies.

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