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Author, manage and deliver all of your digital and hybrid assessments with Frost Assessment Manager.

Improve Quality & Reduce Costs

A cloud-based workflow promotes improved collaboration and asset management while scheduling tools and performance reports help better support learners and inform item development.

Author with Delight

Store all of your testing packages and learning objects in one place. Tag them with metadata and quickly call them into the assessment you’re building.

Smarter Content Management

Improve the quality and re-usability of your test banks with Assessment Manager’s taxonomy and metadata management. Map questions to learning outcomes, learning objectives, competencies, and remediation content, while sharing items and enabling continuous improvement.

The Last Assessment Manager You Will Need

Frost Assessments Manager unifies all your assessments — diagnostic, formative, summative, surveys, quizzes, and proctored tests — into a common user experience. Not only does it eliminate the need for multiple platforms, reduce your administrative overhead and save you money, it also increases transparency for accreditors and improves your organization’s performance.


Assessments Manager


Smart Content Management

Manage semantic information with linear metadata tags. Use your content taxonomies from within the platform.

Separate your metadata development, multimedia asset creation and time text authoring into separate work streams supporting multiple collaborators.

Incorporate rubrics and taxonomies into the grading workflow.

Seamlessly connect with the LOR and course designer so all of your course content is organized.

Collaborative Workflow

Build custom workflows that fit the unique needs of your organization.

Manage issues within a shared dashboard for project managers and team members.

Keep a record of multiple versions for higher re-usability.

Leverage detailed user roles and permissions to improve the integrity of your development process.

Test Management and Secure Delivery

Ensure a secure testing environment while using best practices for scoring, data collection and student privacy

Integrate with all leading LMS and third party platforms or products with industry standards like LTI.

Detailed, visualized reporting on student and content performance.

Connect instructors and learners with easy-to-use, responsive templates on laptops and mobile devices.

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