Every journey needs
a destination.

Align is a digital platform that organizes your curricular standards and competencies.

Streamline your Workflow

Align gives you the tools necessary to efficiently manage your entire standards authoring process to save you time, headache, and frustration.

Organize your taxonomy

Keep your taxonomies, competency models, and curricular standards organized and updated in a cleanly-designed digital format that can be accessed anywhere.

Connect your Stakeholders

Enable stakeholders to connect to your instance of Align to receive automatic updates and notifications when you publish a change to a standard or enrich with supplemental supporting documents and resources.

Finally be done with…

Complex authoring and editing workflows for standards, taxonomies, and competencies

Managing multiple stakeholders with varying needs of access and permissions

Lack of transparency with version history and changes

Siloed standards existing apart from study guides, pacing guides, and approved curriculum

Educators not having quick, easy access to organized and updated standards, taxonomies and competencies



Author with ease

Minimize information conflicts, errors, and duplicates found in spreadsheets and documents.

Easily add examples, content, and support documents associated with specific standards and competencies.

Leverage version control, commenting, and permanent record tracking tools, then publish in an industry-standard, digitally consumable format.

Manage with efficiency

Provide insights into changes to the organization and structure of your standards.

Centralize access to your documentation to save time and promote accountability.

Improve control of user roles and activities to limit confusion and inefficient workflows.

Access with confidence

Give stakeholders instant access to the most up-to-date digital standards and competencies, in a variety of ready-to-use digital formats.

Improve accuracy and provide continuity in content.

Give stakeholders the ability to align lesson plans and create learning paths mapped to specific standards.

Uncover cross-subject standard correlation opportunities.

Enable direct access to authoritative versions of standards.

Report with reliability

Analyze the efficacy of correlated competencies.

Evaluate the order and pacing of standards.

Assess the status of projects, review editor comments, and pinpoint delays.

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