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For over twenty years, we’ve helped educational organizations build and deploy technology to streamline their digital infrastructure. Watch how Frost, a comprehensive suite of integrated platforms, can help you manage your education content in one place.

Key Features of Frost CMS

The Frost Content Management System has four main components that help you harness your content.

Standards Alignment

Manage your competencies, taxonomies, and standards while ensuring your educational resources, experiences, and evaluations are coordinated and aligned, working together towards common educational goals.

Benefits of the Frost Align

Streamline your Workflow

Align gives you the tools necessary to efficiently manage your entire standards-authoring process, saving you time, headaches, and frustration.

Organize your taxonomy

Keep your taxonomies, competency models, and curricular standards organized and updated in a cleanly designed digital format that can be accessed anywhere.

Connect your Stakeholders

Enable stakeholders to connect to your instance of Align to receive automatic updates and notifications when you publish a change to a standard or enrich it with supplemental supporting documents and resources.

Learning Object Repository (LOR)

Frost LOR is where you store, tag, and call all of your content learning objects, regardless of the LMS delivery system. Manage your content across all your delivery channels - all in one place. Frost LOR allows you to easily break down content into small learning objects while tagging with rich metadata and aligning to taxonomies.

Highlights of Frost LOR

Reuse Learning Objects

The fastest way to increase the ROI of your content is to ensure your learning objects are modular and reusable. The LOR gives authors a complete set of tools to curate and reuse existing content. Apply metadata to your learning objects so they stay organized and are always at your fingertips.

Be Nimble

Throwing all your eggs into a single LMS “basket” is a great way to grind to a halt your entire learning content machine. Using content from one LMS and importing it to another is costly and time-consuming, leaving you locked into a singular education technology stack. With LOR, you can remove your learning objects from the LMS and have them “live” separately, enabling you to exercise tremendous flexibility and control over your content and its delivery.

Transform the Way Your Course Designers Work

When your instructional designers spend most of their days updating content, fixing broken links, and performing menial tasks across multiple delivery platforms, the students suffer, as does your ROI. The Frost LOR frees up designers to focus on what matters: designing and testing learning experiences that increase engagement and induce a state of flow within the students.

Tag Learning Objects

Sort, store, and tag them with metadata to ensure they are always organized and ready to use throughout your curriculum.

Multiple Delivery Methods

Update all of your courses in one place and push these updates to multiple LMS delivery platforms.

Better ROI

Manage, create, and deploy your content with better efficiency and more clarity. Content that is easier to manage and move is content you can get more value from.

Usage & Activity Reporting

Frost Insights provides a comprehensive view of how your content is performing through rich contextual data insights. This allows curriculum developers to make informed decisions at the right time.

Features of Frost Data Insights

Make Data-Driven Decisions

When you have the data, you can make decisions based on facts. You can see which learning objects are working and which ones aren’t. You gain insight into how students are performing. And you can adjust accordingly. LearningMate is fiercely committed to removing the obstacles that prevent learning. Data helps you know where to focus your effort so your learners can thrive.

Understand Your Learners

Data is more important than ever in a world that is swiftly increasing its reliance on virtual learning. What was once an intuitive exercise from a teacher in person is now extraordinarily difficult to replicate online. How do you know if a student is unengaged or slipping behind in a virtual environment? Data can help us make up this gap.

Create Transparency With All Stakeholders

Visualized data allows you to seamlessly communicate with every stakeholder in a learner's journey. From parents to administrators, you can create digital reports based on real data that help you understand.

Item Management

With all your data in one place, Frost Assessments makes it easy to enhance academic achievement and provide timely insights to stakeholders and accreditors. Develop and curate items and test banks in a collaborative workflow with user-friendly tools.

Advantages of Frost Assessments

Improve Quality & Reduce Costs

A cloud-based workflow promotes improved collaboration and asset management while scheduling tools and performance reports help better support learners and inform item development.

Author with Delight

Store all of your testing packages and learning objects in one place. Tag them with metadata and quickly call them into the assessment you’re building.

Smarter Content Management

Improve the quality and re-usability of your test banks with the assessment manager’s taxonomy and metadata management. Map questions to learning outcomes, learning objectives, competencies, and remediation content while sharing items and enabling continuous improvement.

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