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Nachiket Paratkar
SVP & Business  Unit Head, Higher Education
Abhijeet Sethi
Senior Vice President, 

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About The Workshop

Do you need to take critical courses online immediately due to COVID-19 shutdowns?

LearningMate is offering two free workshops to help you understand how to triage your efforts and prioritize. For the past twenty years, we've been helping education institutions make the digital transition, and we can help guide you through this crisis.

What we'll cover during the workshop:

  • Your current technology and systems infrastructure strengths and gaps.
  • Optimal LMS setup for continued course delivery, including courses, sections, and content.
  • Zoom configuration to quickly enable virtual classrooms.
  • Faculty training. What is essential knowledge and what are the best practices in online teaching, collaborating, and learning?
  • We'll answer your questions about LMS features, IMS LTI, and how to enable third-party content applications in your teaching.
  • Strategies for working with the  Google suite.
  • Short term needs vs. long term strategy - what should I prioritize today?
  • How to leverage outside resources to rapidly move online.
Duration: 1 hour

Date: Wednesday, March 18th
Time: 9 a.m. Eastern


Date: Friday, March 20th
Time: 12 p.m. Eastern
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Rapid Online Transition Workshop

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