The first Indian Course Curriculum On a Proprietary Tablet Device

A leading Japanese electronics manufacturing MNC planned to launch in India, a tablet device bundled exclusively with high school courseware. The courseware was to be based on the National Curriculum Framework built on the NCERT guidelines (NCERT is the apex body for setting curriculum related guidelines in India).

This was a pioneering project for the Indian market whereby for the first time the Indian curriculum was being built for a tablet device.

Since the device and the delivery platform were also being built as we designed the content, it made the entire process in which content was to be developed, ever-changing and iterative, requiring LearningMate to be agile and adaptive. The product had to be launched before the commencement of the academic session and hence had a firm deadline and needed to be managed on a very tight schedule.

The project involved working with multiple players  like the hardware device people, the folks who were working on the delivery platform and added to this we needed to manage the cultural challenges of working across multiple geographies. LearningMate successfully worked in synergy and harmony with all the stakeholders in the project and delivered in time.

The product was tested in multiple focus groups and the client had very satisfying feedback about the end product.

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