Streamlined Automated Content Delivery

A leading publisher was challenged with getting a large amount of courses done within a short span of time.  The workflow that was being used was not optimized and LearningMate was called in to look into the problem and work out a solution that would allow for a seamless workflow and increase throughput times, thereby reducing cost and time to market.  The current process that was in place was often disconnected and inefficient that resulted in the client constantly missing timelines and exceeding budgets.

LearningMate suggested automating the process and workflow using their proprietary tool ICE (Instructional Content Editor) that allowed the authoring, review, packaging and release of content to be done as part of a single integrated workflow.

This allowed the client to produce a large number of courses achieving a gain of 40% in terms of cost savings and also the project that was on a six month delay was back on track on account of this improved workflow.

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