New Product Launch – Complete development of content and technology platform

A leading legal publishing firm wanted to launch a new product for litigators in the US that would assist them with accessing relevant data for their knowledge enhancement or litigation needs. Since the laws in the US are state specific, the product had to be accordingly designed and delivered with custom versions for every state. The challenge was to build a scalable system to deliver content in a secure manner across a wide customer base and also needed a mechanism to scale this in a rapid deployment of custom implementation across multiple states.

LearningMate built an enterprise scale portal and workflows system with Ecommerce & security integration. The frontend portal built on LifeRay with J2EE with the back end database on MarkLogic and Oracle. The process involved adapting to an agile process development where we had a daily build, weekly releases and iterations as we went along. We also used an automated testing environment to ensure testing rigor. The project involved deploying a team of over 40 onsite & offsite resources for the project.

The new platform resulted in increased market reach, was a new revenue stream for the publisher, and was a critical part of their digital strategy. The platform, build to be extendable and allows for addition of custom implementation of the portal interface for different states at an incremental cost.  This has become the flagship digital product for the customer and is now accessed by litigators across various parts of the country.

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