Multi-tenant, Federated LMS that integrates with the various LMSs of the publisher client’s customers

A leading publisher in the UK wanted to create a learning platform that would cater to a market that where their customers (educational institutions) had varied infrastructure at their end.  Some had an LMS and the need here was enable them to use their own LMS while integrating with the platform that the publisher was building.  In case the customer did not have an LMS they could be tenants of the platform that the publisher hosted and create their own learning space. The system also needed to allow for integration using Athens and Shibolleth.

LearningMate built an enterprise system using its proprietary learning framework called LearningMate ACE.

The system allowed the institution to have a single sign on either from their own LMS or from the central platform that the publisher hosted and thus create multiple tenants on the platform. This federated architecture allowed seamless distribution of content for access by the educational institutions. LearningMate used a combination of the .Net Framework with and MS SQL Server SAMS (Semantico Access Management System)  for Access and Subscription Management.

The implementation helped the publisher see increased sales from their customer base and turned out to be one of the successful products in Europe with thousands of users accessing this system.  The platform was designed to be scalable and is stable successfully serving the publishers end customers for over three years now. It also met all their SSO and subscription management needs.

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