LearningMate QuAD : Question Authoring & Review Made Easy!

A leading global Health Sciences publisher runs a high stakes assessment business. In the high stakes assessment business, question authoring and management play a critical role. The publisher used an existing desktop based authoring application and wanted to replace that with a more robust workflow allowing for better control and release management of the questions that were authored by multiple people.

LearningMate began with a consulting exercise to understand business needs, develop the roadmap, evaluate the applications landscape for authoring and assessment tools mapped to the workflow management requirements  of the customer. Based on the outcome of the consulting engagement, LearningMate was mandated to implement their assessment workflow solution – the QuAD (Question Authoring and Delivery) platform.  LearningMate customized it’s authoring platform to incorporate features that allowed efficient management of the question authoring, storage, retrieval and delivery of these questions. The QuAD workflow engine was integrated with the client’s front end assessment delivery system for their end clients.

In summary, we built a new workflow system that integrated with existing infrastructure, empowered authors and reviewers with offline and online authoring capabilities and enabled product managers to get better control on the process and monitor progress closely for their assessment products.

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