High Volume Course and Media Development- in shortest possible time!

A leading K 12 publisher in the US wanted to develop a minimum unit base credit-recovery e-learning course. They needed to make 12 courses across 4 disciplines for 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Given the volume of the content to be  developed they needed a fast, efficient and cost effective process.

LearningMate started with a consulting engagement, which included analyzing the content type, the input files that were available, and identifying the gaps in the workflow process for the output desired.

Post the study, LearningMate used a customized version of ICE (Instructional Content Editor) to design templates that would automate the storyboarding process. ICE would allow an author to use pre defined storyboard templates in word and see the preview of how that would look online at the press of a button. LearningMate thus built several interactive templates for the process. After the preview, the author could publish the XML at the press of a button that would finally integrate with the learning platform.

LearningMate created all the content in record time developing over 100,000 screens of content and the entire project was completed within a year.

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