eBook platform exceeds revenue projections

A mid-sized legal publishing firm in New York was facing declining text book sales due to diminishing library budgets.

There was an ardent need for digital products that are user-friendly and meaningful – to arrest the decline and the solutions needed  to work on mobile devices like iOS, Android and Blackberry.

To accomplish this LearningMate first defined a standard schema to represent all ebook related content. Following that began the development of a scalable ebook platform to support  lifelong customers. LearningMate also helped converted hard-bound text books into XML to process the content for the platform being built.The eBook platform also enabled social note creation, search and sharing features. The ebook platform was also built to support mobile devices via native applications (including iPods, iPhones, iPads and Android based mobile devices)

The solution helped the customer to realize their vision for digital strategy to migrate their current customer base from print to digital. There followed a multi-fold increase in subscriptions for the digital product and the sales exceeded revenue projections of the company.

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