A CAT Engine for adaptive testing, scalable to a very large user base.

A leading global Health Sciences publisher trained nurses and wanted to build a Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) platform that would simulate the NCLEX exam for nurses. The Approach had to be such that the platform had to integrate with all leading LMS systems in use by their clients.

LearningMate built the solution using the Item Response Theory model for the CAT algorithm. The model was used to  build a system which would provide differentiated learning plans based on two factors (a) the result of a pre-designed diagnostic test and (b) the time available with the user to prepare for the nursing exams.

We also helped make the content for the platform and validate the user experience. The system was designed with an open architecture to enable integration with all leading LMS systems. The design of the technical architecture of the system to be easily scalable and elastic, and to ensure this we designed the load balancing environment that would allow the application to scale. The application was built using a .NET framework and MS SQL Server 2005.

The product has been running successfully at the publisher’s for over six years and has served several thousand nursing students prepare for the NCLEX exams.

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