SPC06 (Mental Health Nurse Practitioner)

We are looking for qualified professions meeting the below criteria:

  1. SCOPE:

Writing assessment items for speciality certification, review titles including answer options, rationales, and specific tagging. Implementation of feedback, edits, and finalization of all documentation to be included. In total there are 700 questions to be authored and we need to complete the entire 700 questions by September end.

  1. SME qualifications needed:

SMEs with an instructional background in Mental Health Nurse Practitioner is a MUST. SME will be responsible for delivering all the assessment types as mentioned above and incorporate feedback as needed.

  1. TIMELINE: Begin immediately till September 2021

WEEKLY HOURS:  ~ 30 hours per week

  1. PAYOUT:
SME Writer
Analysis $12.00
Application $12.00
Recall $6.00
Shadow $7.00



Our Email contact:

If you are unable to apply here, please send in your applications to freelancers.us@learningmate.com. Please copy & Paste the subject Line “SPC06- SMEs needed Mental Health Nurse Practitioner” in your reach out to us.

If you are a company having expertise in Nursing & Healthcare topics and would be interested in partnering with LearningMate, you are welcome to do so maintaining the specifications mentioned above.

There are vacancies open for varied Nursing Disciplines; Please send us your CV in the above email ID, and we will find a suitable fit.

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