Guide to Physical Examination_SME in Higher Education (Contract – US)

Guide to Physical Examination_SME in Higher Education (Contract – US)

PROJECT: Guide to Physical Examination

We are looking for qualified professions meeting the below criteria:

  1. SCOPE:
    Writing, reviewing, and editing assessment items for the product resource including knowledge check questions and lesson quizzes as per the guidelines shared by the client. All knowledge check items and lesson quizzes need to be written based on the Key Concept Cards/draft storyboards based on the specific text and must be
    approved by the client.
  2. SME qualifications needed:

SMEs with instructional background in Physical Examination is a MUST.

SME will be responsible for delivering all the assessment types as mentioned above and incorporate feedback as needed.

    Project Start Date: to start in sometime
    Completion Date: continue for the next 4-6 months

Weekly hours: 10 hours minimum

    – Knowledge Check (One Unit)
    – Lesson Quiz (One Unit)
  2. OF VACANCIES: 7- 8

Our Email contact:

If you are unable to apply here, please send in your applications to Please copy & Paste the subject Line “Guide to Physical Examination_SME in Higher Education (Contract – US)” in your reach out to us.

If you are a company having expertise in Nursing & Healthcare topics and would be interested in partnering with LearningMate, you are welcome to do so maintaining the specifications mentioned above.

There are vacancies open for varied Nursing Disciplines; Please send us your CV in the above email ID, and we will find a suitable fit.

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