Digital Learning Infrastructure

Our centralized platforms, third-party integration capabilities, and commitment to current best practices ensure a stable online learning environment.

Partnering with leading names like AWS, Google, and Blackboard, we ensure our solutions integrate smoothly into your existing systems, creating a cohesive e-learning environment. We have experience working with every major LMS, publisher, CMS, and more in the education industry.

LearningMate’s Digital Learning Infrastructure products and services enable educational organizations to truly scale while allowing for the free, cost-effective, and efficient flow of content and data through the entire digital ecosystem.

Learning Object Repository:

Break down content into small learning objects and tag them with enriched metadata that aligns with taxonomies. Efficiently search and add digital content to new or existing learning objects across numerous delivery channels, including LMSs, mobile apps, ebooks, and more.


Use real-time content analytics and know exactly how students are interacting with your learning materials. Make data-driven decisions on the use of learning materials and the efficacy of learning experiences. We help educational organizations connect and standardize siloed data, allowing them to make data-informed decisions.

Standards Management:

Without proper infrastructure, managing education competencies and standards is an inefficient and time-consuming process. We help educational organizations build the technology foundation to seamlessly author, translate, and organize standards education competencies and standards.